In by The Law Office of Daniel H. Kryzanski

Dan is an extremely conscientious professional, dedicated to providing his clients and others in his community with the best of his knowledge and talents in any relationship. He is one of the few people I\’d trust without reservation if I had a legal issue in his realm of experience and geographic area. Many years ago I moved out of his area and have not had an occasion to use his services, but we keep in touch and I can say that sometimes I wish he were in my state! I had a legal issue in a different state this past year, and had to search for a while to find the right attorney for the job, and finally found the right one who then calmed me down emotionally (as it was one of those legal matters that generates a lot more \”heat\” than \”light\” initially). He solved my problem efficiently and I was able to move forward with life and put the legal matter in the past. If Dan had been in that geography and area of expertise, I would have just called him and had no further worries. He\’s one of those great attorneys who can understand and explain things to an average person, then solve the problem using his advanced experience and knowledge. Once you call him, your legal problems are half solved already. If you have any questions, just give him a call or email and talk for a few minutes–you\’ll see!