Bill Vochoska

In by The Law Office of Daniel H. Kryzanski

I’ve known Dan for many years and completely trust him to do an excellent job efficiently, while also being very easy to work with. I moved out of his state so I have no matters that I can send him. But even years later, there are times when I wish he were in the state where I live or other states where I have business or other interests. I had to find an attorney recently to handle a sensitive matter–and it took a while to find the right one. If only Dan had been operating in that state and area of practice, I’d have hired him in an instant. Dan is one of those attorneys who can speak plain language to a non-attorney, then efficiently use his knowledge and training to resolve the problem quickly. As soon as you talk with him, you are put at ease and know that he will resolve things so you can move on with your business and life. If you are thinking about retaining him, just give him a call–you’ll figure out quickly that he’s the right attorney for a successful business owner: pleasant to work with, and effective at getting your legal problems solved!