Loretta Mercado v. Bass Pro Shops

In by The Law Office of Daniel H. Kryzanski

Loretta Mercado v. Bass Pro Shops, United States District Court for the District of Connectiuct, Docket Number: 21cv1219 (MPS); Attorney Daniel H. Kryzanski filed and successfully settled a case alleging discrimination on the basis of gender, race and sexual orientation. The Plaintiff, Ms. Mercado, alleged that she was discriminated on the basis of gender (Female), race (Hispanic) and sexual orientation (homosexual) when she was terminated from Defendant Bass Pro Shops in 2021. She alleged that her store exceeded all corporate financial expectations for the six years she was General Manager of the Bridgeport location. She alleged in January, 2021, she was falsely accused by management at Bass Pro of violating company policy by following a shop lifter out of the location. Ms. Mercado alleged that the referenced false accusation was used to terminate her when in reality she was being discriminated against on the basis of her gender, race and sexual orientation.