Sharlene McEvoy v. Fairfield University

In by The Law Office of Daniel H. Kryzanski

Sharlene McEvoy v. Fairfield University, Superior Court for the Judicial District of Fairfield at Bridgeport, Docket Number: FBT CV 21 5045467 S; Attorney Daniel H. Kryzanski filed and successfully settled a case alleging breach of contract and defamation against Fairfield University. The Plaintiff, Sharlene McEvoy was a tenured Professor at Fairfield University when the University violated its own rules and procedures in unfairly and illegally favoring a student complaint and failing to acknowledge Professor McEvoy’s contractual rights. Professor McEvoy also alleged that she was defamed by Fairfield University. The case involved the issue of students being unfairly and illegally favored over faculty. Professor McEvoy successfully settled prior to trial.